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Community Services

Durham Regional Police Service Community Services

The Durham Regional Police Service works closely with community groups to address safety concerns and to develop crime prevention initiatives for all residents - adults, children, parents, teachers, homeowners and business owners. Together, we can reduce crime in our communities and ensure that all residents work and live in safety in Durham Region.

We have many dedicated police officers that travel to schools, public meetings, community events, and service club functions to speak about safety concerns and crime prevention techniques. For more information, please contact your local Community Police Office
Adult Programs Kids Programs
Adult Programs
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Auxiliary Service
Car Seat Safety
CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Crime Stoppers
Neighbourhood Watch
Presentations and Lectures
Radar Message Board
Regional Ride Program
Road Watch
Volunteer Program
Kids Programs
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Kids Safety Village
Presentations and Lectures
Risk Watch
Racing Against Drugs
Road Safety Challenge Committee
Safety Patroller Program
Teen Driving Challenge
VIP - Values, Influences and Peers Program