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  Kids Korner  
  Kids Korner Air-1

Hey, kids! Did you know that the Durham Regional Police Service uses a helicopter to help Officers catch the bad guys?

Our "eye in the sky" flies out of the Oshawa Municipal Airport and can travel to any part of the region in minutes! We call our helicopter "Air 1".

Air 1 is a Bell Jet Ranger and is equipped with a 'thermal imaging system' that detects the body heat of people we are looking for. This is helpful when looking for missing persons or even "bad guys" hiding out in the bush at night. The helicopter also contains a high-powered spotlight capable of illuminating a large area.

A pilot and a police officer always fly together. That way, the pilot concentrates on flying while the Officer scans the ground using special equipment. At the Durham Regional Police Service, one of our police officers is also a licensed pilot.

For more information on our Air Support Unit, click here

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