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BROOKLIN (Columbus Rd)--PLEASE SLOW DOWN near/on residential streets
Oct 14, 2008 09:59 ETBack | Print Article
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As a resident the speed on our residential street is not needed, there are children playing. People entering the side streets from Columbus need to reduce their speed from Columbus Rd. before entering the side streets (ie. on weekends and during weekdays taking their children to and from school). Not to mention people race up the street in a hurry to enter onto Columbus Rd and the passing through traffic along Columbus Rd the speed limit is 60Km, which needs to be reduced. We do NOT want to enforce any traffic lights, stop signs or speed bumps as this will increase the noise of traffic stopping and advancing, especially with the trucks taking shortcuts at full speed through Columbus Rd. from Thickson to Hwy#12. Do we need to put some signs up the remind people, to slow down.

Thank you for taking the time to write in to the Guest Book. Your concern has been forwarded to Cst. Rice, the 18 Division (Whitby) Traffic Safety Cooridnator.