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Highway of Heros
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During the repat ceremony for Pte. Michael Bruce Freeman, Warrant Officer Gaetan Joseph Roberge , and Sgt. Gregory John Kruse I noticed that the Durham Regional Police were not present in the convoy. As a Durham citizen I expect the police to have a presence in such a serious matter. No matter the political views on war. The return of our fallen is a loss experienced by all of the nation. The Durham Region borders a large portion of the Highway of Heros and I think it is a huge sign of disrespect not to be honouring our fallen by not having a Durham Police car present in the convoy. No matter what the reason. I hope that we never line the overpasses again, and that not one more single family has to suffer the loss of a loved one. But if this day comes again I hope that the Durham Regional Police can pull together like Toronto, York, OPP, and MP Police Forces do to show their support.

Prior to the Highway of Heroes being designated by the Province, members of the DRPS attended the 401 and paid their respect to the fallen members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Our Service was the first Service in Canada to place yellow ribbons on all our marked units and each members wears a yellow ribbon on their dress uniform.

The repatriation ceremony from CFB Trenton to the CFS in Toronto is conducted by the OPP from Trenton to Pickering and the Toronto Police from Pickering to the CFS. DRP not only line the highway in Durham, but are on the bridges to provide traffic direction, whenever possible, keeping in mind 9-1-1 calls for service.

DRPS has been recognized numerous times by the Canadian Forces for their support of our troops. Not only do the members of the DRP support our troops but we have DRP officers serving with the Afghan National Police.

Our priority is the safety of citizens paying their respects along with the members of the DRP. We are serving alongside the Forces in Afghanistan. Members of our Service who are in the Canadian Forces Reserve have been granted Military Leave to serve around the world with the Forces and the United Nations. We are extremely proud of what our Service and its members, both sworn and civilian, have done to support and serve alongside our troops throughout the world.