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I am just wondering when your planning on hiring again after this currenty hiring time. I haven't dont any testing, but I want to know how long I have until the next set of recurits will be interviewed. I just wanted to see if I have enough time and I want to make sure I am pyshically able to pass and also to pass the paper testing part as well.

Also, before I take the time to have all my testing done, I would like to ask a question I failed to ask during one of the information sessions I attended. If you are wanting to become a police officer but you have prior usage of drugs are your chances limited alot compared to those who haven't done them at all. I want to change my life around and the person I am. I have always wanted to be an officer but bad habits werent helping me become an officer.

Thank You

The next hiring dates are for April and August; however, we are always accepting applications.

As far as your other concerns, you can contact the Recruiting office at (905) 579-1520 ext. 4341 for more information. Without knowing your exact circumstances, it is hard to provide you with the correct answers.