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I am curious to know how the tuning forks used to calibrate the radar vehicle speed detection devices can also be (& are) used to calibrate the LIDAR devices used by the DRP. Perhaps I am unaware of some strange scientific principle but I find it hard to believe this calibration technique is proper. I know both radio and light waves have a frequency, but the working principle of LIDAR does not rely on frequency while radar does. The frequencies used by these different devices are also tremendously different that it seems unlikely this calibration produces speed readings with “no inaccuracy”. I have not taken university physics for a few years now, so forgive me if the answer to my question is extremely simple. Finally, it is known that every measurement, including your very pulse, has a scientific error. Please stop claiming these devices to be 100% accurate, it only reveals an ignorance of science, and an inability to properly operate these devices.


The DRPS does not use tuning forks to calibrate LIDAR.