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Treating Bayly Street like a speedway
May 10, 2009 22:02 ETBack | Print Article
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I am astounded at the number of people in who continue to use Bayly Street in Pickering (primarily between Liverpool Road and Whites Road) as a speedway. Every now and again, I see Durham's boys in blue setting up speed traps but quite often oncoming traffic is flashing their high beams to warn drivers.

What really amuses me is quite often these speed demons have the audacity to tailgate me or honk their horns because I stay within the posted limit and refuse to speed up.

For the record, I have been driving almost 40 years and have NEVER had a speeding ticket and generally do not speed (other than to speed up to pass on the series 400 highways) and no, it isn't because I've never been caught, it's because I abide by the rules of the road.

I wish the police would catch these people because I think it's disturbing. There are residential homes along Bayly and the posted speed limited is 60, yet time and time again, I witness people doing speeds far greater than that (probably close to 100 by my estimation).

For those of you reading this post that utilize Bayly Street or any street for that matter, please people SLOW DOWN. Not only is it against the law, it is also dangerous.