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Purse-Snatching Suspect Targets Seniors in Grocery Stores
Feb 10, 2010 15:17 ETBack | Print Article
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This sickens me! I pray this scum gets caught asap.
Question: Is it against the law if I so happen to run into this punk at a grocery store and during his act of cowardness I accidently break his fingers? ;))

This suspect has been arrested by police and charged with Theft Under x23 in relation to the theft of purses at various shopping/grocery store locations across Durham Region. In addition, the accused was charged with Mischief Under and Theft Under x41 in relation to vandalism and thefts which have occurred in the past several months in the White Oaks underground parking lots in Whitby.

As a citizen, if you see someone committing a serious criminal offence, you may intervene, apprehend and hold the suspect for police arrival using reasonable force.