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Prompt to calls
Jun 03, 2010 10:08 ETBack | Print Article
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The other night a few kids who were no more than 15 years old were outside my window they were makin so much noise that it woke my child up and seeing that i am a parent i wouldnt dare want to see my child drunk at 15 years old and out somewhere in the middle of the night without my knowing about it. 911 is disabled on my phone because i have the magic jack phone i called the east end division no more that 5 mins later a police officer was patroling outside my window. Many times in the past i have called 911 in the past because well i live in the south end and a lot of kids get into fights and they always take at least an hour to get there. I really do just want to say thank you to the east end division for coming out so quickly it really makes me feel safe that you guys were there when i need you.
Sincerley: Jennifer