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Distracted Driving in Durham Region
Aug 07, 2010 22:55 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:JonEmail:  
I read your article today titled "Distracted Driving in Durham Region" And I totally agree with the assessment that driving distracted while using an entertainment device is just as dangerous as driving while impaired.

However, isn't it just as dangerous for people to be smoking or lighting their cigarette while driving? I don't see how it is acceptable to be able to have one hand off the wheel smoking or having your attention taken off the road to light a cigarette but it is not okay to use a cell phone, Ipod, GPS etc... while driving. Aren't both actions just as dangerous? Yet we only choose to enforce the cell phone, Ipod, GPS etc etc... why is this? I can't count how many times I have almost been sideswiped or hit by someone too busy smoking!

Currently our laws do not including eating, smoking, etc. However, if someone causes a collision due to these examples they may be charged with Careless Driving.