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Sep 01, 2010 13:56 ETBack | Print Article
Would just like to say to the DRPS..I know you guys are tryin very hard to clean the downtown up..And to my surprize you all are doin one hell of a job well done very proud of all you guys..The show of force you had on Albert And Celina streets the other night was simply AMAZING..I only have one thing that really bothers me i have been on the meathadone program for a few years now..Why is it when i walk by an officer by the bank of Montreal he looks at me and says hello sir how are you..Then he sees me make a turn to walk into first medical to see my docter and get my drink..I see this same officer the very next day he walks up to me looks at me like im a peice of garbage and ask me my name am i selling drugs do i have a crimanal record all becouse he seen me walk into the meathadon clinic..Please dont get me wrong their are way to many people on the program that are abusing it..Is their a reason for the disrespect. thier good people at the clinic. Are the officers told to stop everyone that goes into the clinic..Plz respond and let me know if their is a lagit reason for the disrespect..And once again im very proud of our police in oshawa they do a terrific job..

In keeping with our efforts to clean up the downtown core, routine patrols may occur in and around the clinic area to ensure that no unwanted criminal activity is occurring. We apologize for any disrespect you may have felt during your recent contact with our members. We would like to thank you for bring this to our attention and hope that this is an isolated incident.