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Youth in Policing
Sep 30, 2010 15:26 ETBack | Print Article
I was inspired my a man by the name of Mike Cain who came into my classroom for my careers course and he told us a little about all the things he does and all his experiences. I have always been interested in becoming a police officer but unfortunatly i'm only at the age of fifteen so i'm not able to do so. But I didn't know if there was anything offered for high school students. He said a program which runs for student called Youth in Policing was an option and i'm extremly interested. Now i was looking over this website and i only saw information about last years opportunity, i was curious if there is an opportunity next summer as well? (Summer of 2011) thanks!

Thank you for your interest in the Youth in Policing program. You can look for our online application process in March 2011.