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Publication of impaired drivers
Feb 08, 2011 22:20 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Cpl. Frank _____Email:  
 City/Town:CFB Petawawa (Born and raised Oshawa)Province:Ontario
Concerning publication of impaired drivers, RE

I am 100% on board with publication of impaired drivers in the Region of Durham. In 2006 my Father was involved in an mvc with an impaired driver at Wilson/Olive; he was t-boned by a drunk driver, lost control of his vehicle and flew into the back portion of someones house. Thankfully nobody inside was injured and my father survived.

Not only should names be posted of persons apprehended for impaired drivingm, their picture should be published as well. For instances involving parties who pass away from being hit by an impaired driver a sign should be posted at the respective site to the effect of "Drinking and Driving memory of ______ ______."

2 years ago in Petawawa a young girl was killed in an impaired mvc. Her vehicle was struck and she was unable to get out of the vehicle. A billboard sized sign was stood up in Emily's memory.

Billboard signage may not be feasable in an area as built as Durham, but something the size of a speedlimit sign I think would be suitable. Impaired driving should not be taken light heartedly and drunk driving screening should also be modified to include roadside testing for drugs. (I saw this in Australia at a ride check point. police have a device looking similar to a pregnancy test. The driver licks the tester and it indicates THC, and opiates).