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Dangerous driving question
Feb 08, 2011 22:39 ETBack | Print Article
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4Feb at about 11pm I was exiting 401 eastbound at the Harmony/Bloor exit. A vehicle cut me off at a high rate of speed passing over the white solid lines and was so close to hitting me that I could not see their plate at first. I followed them to a house in Oshawa in order to get an address and their licence plate and have since prepared a statement. During this process I witnessed them cut off another vehicle at Wilson/Bond while driving north as well as running a redlight in an attempt to get away from me. By the time I hit the light in question it was
green again so I continued to follow them.

I know nothing can be done now but I want a complaint logged, so they get a hit on cpic should they be stopped in the future for a moving violation.

Given that this was still on the 401, does the OPP do it or would Durham do it because they are Oshawa residents?

Thank you for taking the time to write into the Guest Book. The incident should be sent to the OPP as it occurred on the 401.