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DRPS Website Re-Design
Feb 15, 2011 13:44 ETBack | Print Article
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I have lived in Oshawa for a long time now and I am a strong supporter of the police service in Durham Region.

As a regular visitor to your site, I found myself today wonder "When are they ever going to change this design?".

This site was developed in 2001 and it hasn't changed in 10 years! One big complaint I have always had is the fact that the entire site is "left justified". It also only occupies 1/2 of my screen. 10 years ago the average resolution was 800 x 600. Today it's more like 1024 x 1268 or higher.

As a regular visitor to your site, it sure would be nice to see it upgraded to the current times. I don't see any references to Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube (for dynamic content). The footer alone reminds us that it was built for IE6 and Netscape (does it even still exist?)

Anyway....those are my 2 cents. I hope that my post is not taken down because I am sure there are many other taxpayers looking for something new as well.

Hopefully you view this as constructive criticism and know that you have my full support for what is an evidently difficult job.

Thank you for taking the time to write into the Guest Book. We always appreciate constructive feedback from the community.