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re: Agressive Drivers
Dec 12, 2011 17:22 ETBack | Print Article
In response to the "agressive driver" posting, I think it's also a fair reminder that non-agressive drivers (such as myself) ensure they are not feeding into the agressive driver problem by 1) Driving in the passing lane when they are not passing anyone on any 400 series highway or municipal/town roads 2) Ensure they signal all lane changes 3) Ensure they don't follow too closely 4) Don't change lanes over a solid white line to enter a merging lane just because it will advance you 4 car lenghts in rush hour traffic and 5) Show some common courtesy on the roads by allowing people to change lanes in front of you without speeding up to close off the gap thus, causing a potential accident. It's the Christmas season, so it's time to be giving, courteous and develop some habits that will assist in reducing agressive driving caused by carelessness and selfishness.