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Re: Drinking and Driving Nov 9th 2010
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Unknown person wrote this and i would like to respond as a concerned citizen.

"i would like to take this opportunity to ask why is it that on a thursday night in oshawa just after last call at most bars/ le skratch(now rios or something like that), excuses,parkplace, and a few others, patrons can get into there vehicles and leave the parking lot and drive home drunk? i have seen it so many times, and i keep asking why dont they get pulled over? last thursday/ nov.6th at the old leskratch bar, a female got into her car and drove home smashed/drunk and not one officer followed her vehicle after she left the bar/3 police cars just sat right out front and didn't follow anyone that drove. I think some safety is needed and more attention to certain bars on certain nights. concerned citizen."

My reponse 1)The Police can not by law just sit at a bar and follow car that leave. They need a reason

2) As a concerned citizen i think you failed in your part to keep OUR roads safe. Why didnt you notifly the police there what you saw( maybe they didnt see what u did) or why didnt you follow and get there license plate and call 911. Thanks