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Thanks For Influencing Youth!
Apr 14, 2012 18:15 ETBack | Print Article
Recently on Thursday April 12th, my elementary school in Ajax (Lester B. Pearson PS) had a constable come in and talk on many various schools involving us intermediate students and problems that occur with youth everyday (i.e. shoplifting, bullying, assault etc.). When we were done the next day my friend and I went to a store and my friend wanted to steal something rather then buying it. Luckily the Constable had made such an impact by visiting our school my friend decided not to and had remembered what she had said about things like stealing a chocolate bar aren't worth it. Pretty much I just wanted to say thank you especially to the Constable who came to speak to us for doing an amazing job impacting the community. The chances of my friend stealing the candy decreased dramatically by having one of you guys come and speak to us. I appreciate all that you guys do and I hope that you guys can also influence other kids to do the right thing.
I hope this message gets passed on to the Constable (Unfortunately I forget her name, but she said she was responsible for all schools in Ajax) and let her know how good of a job she is doing and how she has potentially impacted a person's whole life.
Thanks again!