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Teenagers drinking, smoking pot & vandelizing park
Sep 10, 2005 19:32 ETBack | Print Article
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Almost every weekend, usually after 10PM there are teenagers in Horne Avenue Park (at Gill Cres.) in the children's play area drinking beer, and smoking pot.

Over time they have vandalized the gazebo so that it had to be torn down, as well as a couple of the children's rides that had to be removed. Last weekend they broke the steering wheel off of the children's boat.

Your concern has been forwarded to Inspector Douglass of the Ajax/Pickering Community Police Office.
More importantly, last weekend ,my wife chased a handful of them from the children's play area at 7PM. They were there smoking pot while young children 2-6 years old were playing just yards away. This is UNACCEPTABLE! How about a increased police presence in this area?!