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Unlawful use of photo's online
Jul 11, 2012 18:00 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Trina
My children were involved in making a music cd for a non protift group in Oshawa. I never signed any documents allowing this group to use my children's picture on the CD nor did I sign any documnets stating they can distrbute and sell these CD's on line for a profit. I do not want this group to use this CD in this manner as they never had my or any other parentall consent to do so. Can anyone tell me who I can speak to in terms of getting this CD taken off the internet. Not ony does the front cover have my children's picture on it, it has there names on the back of the cd as well and they are only 11 and 12.

Currently, this is a civil matter. Your first step would be to contact the charity directly and ask them to cease the use of your childrens' images. If they refuse, you could then contact the not-for-profit's funder (ex. United Way, Trillium Foundation) and speak to them about removing the images. The last resort would be to contact a lawyer to have it move forward in court.