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Thank you to Whitby Division
Jan 23, 2013 14:54 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Sue

I just want to thank all the front desk staff at Whitby Division today - Kimberly , Zel and the police officer on the desk - for their kind and effective assistance.

I had lost my passport 1 week before our scheduled travel date so was in a panic about getting a new passport. Kim took my information and submitted the required lengthy report to Passport Canada. A few hours later my husband found my passport. I returned to the Police Division and Zel was very helpful and effective in getting Passport Canada to put a stop to the 'lost' report. This enabled me to retain my current passport and avoid the scramble to apply for a new passport within my 1 week deadline.

The whole incident was very stressful for me but thanks to the kindness and effectiveness of the Whitby staff there was a positive outcome. I am very grateful. Thank you so much

I have forwarded your kind words to Kim, Zel and their Inspector at Central West Division. We are glad we were able to assist you during this stressful time.