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Is there a place to report e-mail fraud or malicious e-mails to?
Jan 25, 2013 19:54 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:MicheleEmail:  
I have a couple of times received a message saying that a parcel has come from Fed Ex. The first time I was waiting for a parcel of books I ordered from the U.S. It said my parcel was at the post office and had a button to "get and print receipt". When I pressed this button, my computer protection software warned me their was something malicious and worked on the problem and said it had to restart my computer.

My computer would not re-start properly and then Windows asked me if I wanted to go to an earlier version when my computer worked. Thankfully that worked and my computer wasn't totally trashed.

I have received these e-mails a couple of times and just got one today. I know from the past it has malicious software if you click on the button. I would like to send a copy of this e-mail to someone who can do something about it or warn the public so they don't go through what I went through.

Could you please let me know who to send fraudulent or malicious e-mails like this to? Thank you.

You can email our Fraud Unit at or call the Regional Reporting Centre at 905-579-1520 for further assistance in this matter. Have a good day.