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Signs @ end of streets
Jul 03, 2013 18:44 ETBack | Print Article
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I would like to know why you have put up signs @ the end of Angus Drive and top of Salem by the 401 that advise people to lock their doors etc ... To me that seems like I am living in a high crime area and for anyone passing by or through it doesn't set a good tone for the town of Ajax or anywhere for that matter. I travel to Toronto every day for work and no where in Toronto in areas that have major crime are these signs up. I think they are a waste of time and money and all they do is upset that good standing people who live in these areas. I think that money could have been used towards hiring more officers and or having an actual police station in the Town of Ajax to show people that we do have police presence in this town. In saying this, I see these have been taken down in the past two weeks however I hope to never see them again. I don't think they will drive home any point that is even listed on them. I am a huge supporter of the Police and all of the great work that you do each and every day. I just dislike this one thing that seems to be popping up in Ajax. Thanks for reading my comments.

Thank you for taking the time to write into our Guest Book. The signs you're talking about are part of an awareness campaign throughout the entire region. The initiative will utilize “A-frame” signs, which will be placed at the side of the street in various neighbourhoods, promoting that “Crime Prevention Starts with You."

The proactive initiative is a notice to citizens to secure their valuables, lock their doors, and report suspicious or criminal activity. Placement of the signs does not necessarily indicate an issue within your neighbourhood, but acts as a reminder that there are simple steps you can take to aid in crime prevention.