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Jan 03, 2003 02:28 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Miss DemeanorEmail:  
Congratulate yourselves on keeping Oshawa the armpit it is! You have singlehandedly kept domestic violence alive and well, by loosely adhering to the Criminal Code (why yes, you answer the calls, cuz well you don't want the media and the women's groups on your rear), but hey, that doesn't mean you actually have to follow through and protect women and children by enforcing contact orders. Why bust your hump over that one? And after watching a couple beat and choke their child in the hallway and getting the police response of "uh, well they have a different form of discipline... blah de blah blah." Yeah I guess so. What an astute observation. Oh and just to let everyone know ... the drug community is alive and well because well, the DRP just can't waste their time on that issue ... too much money is made off that demographic (bong-sucking illiterates). You're too busy dazzling us with your year-end political suck-up round-up of "organized crime groups" so we won't notice all the women and children being murdered! Thanks DRP!!