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closed streets
Sep 13, 2005 09:05 ETBack | Print Article
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I am just writing over an incident that happened in south oshawa a couple of weekends ago. Apparently an armed person was in a house on cordova st. The police had the area blocked off to all vehicle traffic. This angered alot of people including myself. I agree that the roads should be blocked and no traffic vehicle or pedestrian traffic should be allowed in the area. However this was not the case. I left my house and drove past a stopped police car at the malaga intersection. It was not till i tried to return home that i was stopped and told no i could not drive down my street but i could park my car and walk home. How much sense does that make i cant drive by (which would take 2 second ) but i can walk down the street. My husband was furious at the fact that we couldnt drive down our street and here are all these kids and people riding bikes and walking around. I think if we were all in such danger perhaps it should be you dont get in you dont get out. If it was too dangerous to drive back home shouldnt it have been too dangerous to drive out.....please explain this policy to me.

DRP procedure is to close the area to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the safety of the community.