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Re: Congratulations... from Miss Demeanor
Jan 03, 2003 16:06 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:LisaEmail:  
 City/Town:  Province:Onatrio
Dear Miss Demeanor from Oshawa,
I have to say that i am quite disappointed with your comments towards the Durham Regional Police, and towards Public Safety in General. Whatever personal issues you may have, and obviously you do have some, It is certainly not appropriate for you to lash out at the police officers of your community. They work non-stop to keep the communities as safe as possible. They put their lives on the line everyday, to serve and protect YOUR butt, while putting themselves in danger!! While they're on duty they spend almost every minute dealing with people that don't want to deal with them, people that are running from them, and even people that try to attack them. Maybe YOU should try being a cop for a day and THEN you can write a letter about how they don't do anything, or about how they don't care. And if you are seriously concerned about the police system, or are upset about a particular officer, perhaps you should go speak directly with the head of the police department, instead or writing a silly anonymous e-mail. Do you honestly think that with this attitude of yours people are actually going to take you seriously? If you've read the other e-mails posted in the guestbook, you would see that the positive letters highly outweigh the negative ones. Maybe that should tell you something, particularily that the DRP are doing a terrific job, and that the community would be nowhere near as safe without them. And if you still have a problem, then MAYBE YOU SHOULD MOVE!!!
P.S. DRP you are doing a fine job, keep up the good work!!!!