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Pay duty officers
Jan 17, 2014 00:05 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:David
I see that every piece of road construction in Durham appears to have pay duty officers in attendance. It appears to be a complete waste of money and an embarrassment that these officers, for the most part, sit in their cars, engine idling, reclined and resting rather than performing any meaningful function. Earlier this week, i watched an officer sit in his car at the same location for three hours without one getting out of his car to do anything. What exactly is the service and value that these people provide other than a bureaucratic requirement?

Our officers are there as a warning to the public that construction is occuring by the flashing blue & red lights. They are also on scene for the safety of the workers.

If traffic needs to be stop, the officer can ensure the safety of both the travelling public and the work crew.