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Re: Censorship
Jan 18, 2014 00:40 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Faron
"Why is it that only positive, reinforcing remarks are posted here, while honest criticisms are censored?"

"Have Durham Police become such cowards that they cant handle it?"

"We are happy to respond to honest criticisms but, unfortunately, most criticisms use foul language and insults, to which we don't respond."


The majority of what it posted here is positive reinforcement. Are you actually saying that 98% of criticisms you receive don’t meet your standard to post here?

Statistically speaking I would disagree, and given the recent headlines, I am sure you receive criticisms that don’t include foul language or insults. Or perhaps criticisms are being viewed as insults? One can only speculate, but what seems to be a common theme these days is the function of critical thinking being reduced to checklist among police forces all over the world.

As a taxpayer funded organization, the Durham Police should allow an arena for the public to voice complaints, which can be easily seen by others. Complaints and criticisms should be aired, even if they are harsh. That comes with the territory when dealing with the public. Such complaints as you describe are no more or less legitimate that the mild mannered ones that you screen out as well.

Without public criticism, there is little room or incentive for improvement.

There are a number of way for citizens to submit complaints to us that can be found here. Our service will never post comments using foul and/or inappropriate language as citizens, young and old, visit the site.