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Office Stinson - Fabricating tickets
Feb 03, 2014 19:03 ETBack | Print Article
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My boyfriend was driving home from work this evening in my 2013 Ford Fusion, equipped with Ford Sync. When he gets in the car, his phone automatically syncs with the Ford Sync, and all calls and music are completely voice activated by the car. It is 100% hands free. I paid extra money for this option, and we take advantage of the luxury.

My boyfriend was sitting at a red light listening to music, when Officer Stinson began knocking on the window, who informed my boyfriend he was on his cell phone, and issued him a ticket for such.

He was not on his cell phone. Any and all calls that come through the phone come through the speakers in the car. Additionally, our windows are tinted and it was dark outside.

While I cannot speak for all police officers on your staff, I am very disgusted that Officer Stinson has such little to do with his time that he feels it is okay to completely abuse his authority, and issue fabricated tickets to people who are just trying to get home after a long day at work. We will see you in court.

I'm sure he felt the appropriate charge was laid. The option to fight a ticket is in place for this reason, so each side has a chance to present their case in court.