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Indecent Acts in a Whitby Park- NAMES NEED TO BE RELEASED!
Jun 23, 2014 10:51 ETBack | Print Article
In the recent posting 'Indecent Acts in a Whitby Park
23-Jun-2014 08:47', DRPS would not release the names of those charged. It is my opinon that releasing names will serve as a deterence to those who considered committing an indecent act in a public place. Personally, I have not taken my kids to this park as indecent acts&arrests have happened in this past and obviously are continuing. Can you share why names are NOT released? Time to expose these people DRPS and give back to community one of the best places to spend family time in Whitby.

It has been our policy not to release names when multiple people are arrested in similar sweeps. For example, when we arrest hookers and or Johns in large numbers, we traditionally do not release their names individually. This is done in part to protect spouses and children connected to the individuals. Subject to court ordered publication bans, their names may be available if citizens want to attend court in Oshawa.