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Speed signs-Cordick Street-Oshawa
Jun 24, 2014 23:53 ETBack | Print Article
I would like to inquire about an electronic sign on our street that tells a driver their speed. What steps does this lead to? How does it help? Will the police monitor it?
We live in a very busy residential area with a park across the street. There is a posted 40 km/h sign. However the speed of some cars is obviously higher-my guess is btw 60-80! On a regular basis at all times of the day and night! With kids playing and not looking while skateboarding, bike riding and chasing their toys. My own children are 6, 4 and in a stroller. They are with me for now...but a lot of other children that are the same age and older are not as closely supervised. Cars can stop if they are going the proper speed! Something is going to happen-tragic:( There are up to 100 children on some warm summer days and nights right in front of my driveway!

You will need to approach the City of Oshawa to have a sign installed. I will forward you concern to our Traffic Services Branch so they are aware of the issue.