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Re: Censorship
Jul 19, 2014 20:22 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Faron
The issue is that your local police department has a section on their site that only allows “good” comments to be posted and viewed publicly. Should drpd come under scrutiny for any reason, they can then turn around and site all the wonderful comments here as a relative indicator of their performance within the community.

Whether that would actually happen, I don’t know, but however you look at it, this so called “guestbook”, as it is moderated right now, lacks transparency and ultimately has no credibility.

We allow criticisms, however, the vast majority contain inappropriate language and will not be posted to our site.

Also, most do not contain any contact information so we can inform the poster we will be deleting the message or if they would rephrase, we would then respond.

We do have an area on our website, Complaints/Compliments, that will allow a member of the public to voice their complaint directly to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.