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Paintball Gun Firings(?) in Residential Area
Sep 15, 2005 18:21 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Fed Up ResidentEmail:  
Dear DRPS,

Over the past few nights, a loud popping sound has been heard in a residential neighbourhood in the area of Adelaide Ave. and Harmony Rd. North. After hearing this loud sound the other night, I went outside to observe whether my property was damaged, only to see two shadows running in the distance. Fortunately, my property was not damaged... Yet. Tonight, the same loud popping sound was, and is, being heard, along with the loud voices of teenagers, perhaps the same who were running the other night. They are carrying what appear to be paintball guns and firing them obliquely at residential property. I have not been outside yet to survey my property to determine whether any vandalism has occurred.

Also in the same neighbourhood, pocket bikes are being ridden carelessly without regard to the safety of the local residents, including small children who play in the streets after school. Teenagers race them at full speed around the neighbourhood, even as late as midnight on weekends.

Simply put, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND WANT MY NEIGHBOURHOOD BACK! I apologize for the strong emphasis, however, not the meaning of the message.

What I would really like to know is where the hell the parents are, and why they aren't actively partipating in the act of parenting their delinquents?

Please do something before someone gets hurt, or worse. Thank you for addressing my concerns. God Bless you all and keep safe.

Your concern has been forwarded onto Inspector Kimmerly of the Oshawa Community Police Office.