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Mabye someday, ill be there to.
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 Guest Name:Max
Durham Reigonal Police,
Hi, my name is Max,
Law enforcement has been a career I have been looking into for a long time. Right now i am 16 years old, attending Oshawa Central Colligate Institute (O.C.C.I) and I am in grade 11. My interest in law grew stronger with the grade 11 Canadian Law course, which I found very interesting and A good experience. I have already made steps to increase my chances of being a part of the force by selecting certain classes that I will need to to attend college and study law enforcement. Those classes consist of Grade 12 Mathematics, and grade 12 University level Law. I am very active and enjoy almost anything that involves being outside. I frequently spend time at the Durham Family YMCA, working out and staying in shape. For next year I have chosen a co-op class which will (if im lucky) put my in the police station every day for a semester, learning even more about my dream job, and the fundamentals of the police system. I know now that this is what I want to do and I will do everything nessasary to achieve my goal, which is to be a proud member of the Durham Reigonal Police Force.