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RE: Behavior (T.M)
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RE: Behaviour-Message Posted by T.M. from Brooklin...

Police officers actually DO need a reason to pull you over. Do you think they're going to tell you "Because I felt like it?"
I constantly defend police officers from the ignorance of others and I certainly can't stand when people blame police officers countless times for their own stupid actions in which they should be held accountable for; HOWEVER, they still need a reason to pull you over...and they will always supply you with a reason as to why you are being pulled over...
Do you think they pull you over simply because? I beg to differ. Can someone from DRP get to the bottom of this back and forth issue? Thank you...

A police officer can stop anyone, anytime, operating a motor vehicle to ensure that the person is a licenced driver and has current and valid insurance and ownership to operate said vehicle on the highway (roadways).