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"Gangs" in Williamsburg
Sep 30, 2005 07:12 ETBack | Print Article
Did you know that there are Gangs and Bullies who are operating in the Williamsburg area?
Our 12 year old son biked to a friend's house and parked his bicycle at the front of the friend's garage. 20 minutes later he came out to find it had been stolen.
Upon reprorting it stolen, it was confirmed by the constable that there are gangs and bullies preying on the children, stealing bikes, shoes, hats, CD players, whatever they can bully out of the child. These gangs are mixed in race and ages. They are boys and girls. They might even be your neighbour's kids or even worse, your own kids.
We live near the school and are now seeing the Gang Logos spray painted on the portables and about the community. There have been fires, fightd and more vandalism this summer.
As residents and families of this quickly changing community, we need a Neighbourhood Watch and a general taking back of the Right for All of Us to live peaceably and safely in our own park and Neighbourhood. No child ahould have to be afraid to walk to or from school. No one should have to worry about some undisciplined punks indimidating them. If you care about the Williamsburg community, keep an eye out for what is happening. Stop your car and watch if you see a child approached and the child appears hesitant. Write down some details of the incident. Do not leave until you are sure that the child is safe. Report any unusual or inaappropriate behaviour. Do not turn a blind eye.
Educate your kids as to how they must report to a trusted adult when they have been bullied, intimidated or if they see something that they know is wrong, even if it is their peers.
Let's take back our community from a few undesirable people who also need our help to stop their negative behaviour.