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May 30, 2003 12:06 ETBack | Print Article
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Hello, I was just browsing the comments and I spotted a couple of entries from high school students who are interested in furthering their education and making their way towards becomming a police officer. As a recent graduate (April 2003) of the police foundations program at Durham College, I would strongly recommend the facility. Not only do you learn the past, present, and future of policing in canada, you have an opportunity to experiance the vast knowledge of your professors who for the most part are, or have been involved with policing in some way. Not to mention the contacts you make through certain programs such as the community and social services course volunteer placement program and the community policing local focus projects. The opportunity to expand your mind as well and your contacts is extrordinary. I myself obtained the skills needed to receive my OACP certificate and apply to Durham Regional. For anyone who is interested in becomming a police officer Durham College is the place to begin the life long adventure!!

Rob Watson