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Helicopter Missions
Oct 07, 2005 11:38 ETBack | Print Article
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I saw discussion of "a second helicopter" on this message board and almost had a heart attack when my intent was to come here to express concern about the first one. I live not more than a couple of blocks from the Oshawa station, and there are weeks that I hear that stupid Bell Jetranger EVERY NIGHT. What did you guys have to do before you had this expensive toy and what are you using it for at nights? I think somebody in dispatch has to take a few steps back before calling in the air unit and say to themself 'Taking into account the time of day, and the severity of the incident, is it REALLY necessary to dispatch the air unit?' I mean, you did fine before WITHOUT it. I'm not anti-helicopter. I know there are times when it is invaluable. But I'm beginning to think that there are times when it's burning gas and waking up the neighbourhood simply for the sake of 'exercising the new toy'. If I made the amount of noise in my neighborhood at night that the Jetranger makes when it flies through here, I would be arrested. It would be nice if the police held the same consideration and accountability to the public.

Thank you for taking the time to write into the Guest Book.

In response to your concern, DRP has no plans to purchase a second helicopter, and while DRP does regret any disturbance to local residents, Air 1 is only used when necessary. All of Air 1’s activities can be located on our Web site under the What’s New heading, and are updated on a weekly basis. DRP is currently in the process of adding the location and time of the call to our reports.

In 2005, Air 1 has responded to 872 calls, been first on the scene 492 times and made or assisted in 154 arrests. Air 1 also assists the Toronto Police Service when needed.