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Oct 17, 2005 17:43 ETBack | Print Article
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 City/Town:SOUTH AJAXProvince:Ontario
HERE WE GO AGAIN! We set up a nice fall display outside our home this past week and already someone has destroyed it and smashed up all the pumpkins on the field across the way! This past summer we have had a bike stolen, our van broken into and now this! It is very upsetting that we can not make our property look nice without thinking in our minds "will it still be there when we wake up in the morning?" I live near by a school and there is always someone hanging around the back doors, smoking,drinking, and doing who knows what? I have called DRP a few times this summer and still this is happening in our neighbourhood. Please advise me what I can do to protect my property. I do know the pumkin thing is a trivial matter but something needs to be done before something bigger happens! Thank you in advance.

Your concern has been forwarded to Inspector Jim Douglass of the Ajax/Pickering Community Police Office.