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Whitby Mental Health
Oct 19, 2005 12:36 ETBack | Print Article
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Something needs to be done about all these 'Escapees' from Whitby Mental Health. They've had 2 patients make 3 escapes in recent months. Both of these patients are there because they have been found Not Responsible (physciatric reasons) for violent crimes! This website has stated that both of them are violent offenders. How can Whitby Mental Health allow this to happen? I don't want violent criminals escaping and running around in my neighbourhood... especially if they're "not responsible" for phyciatric reasons because there's probably a good chance they'll reoffend!

I know this is not the DRPS's responsibility, but perhaps some pressure could be put on WMH by DRPS to beef up their security and keep tabs on their patients - especially their violent ones!

Unfortunately, DRP can not comment on another agencies security measures. Any inquiries must be directed to that agency.