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Large Tower in rear of Pickering Police Station
Feb 18, 2004 18:27 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:AlexanderEmail:  
Hello, I am just curious what that large tower outside of the Pickering Station is, it was pus there just recently, and everytime i pull op to the stop light at Brock Rd. that tower circuts out my computer in my new Mercedez Benz. This is the only intersection in all of the GTA that my car does this is there a reason why and again what is the tower. thank you and have a good night

Editor's Note: The large tower outside the Pickering station is our communications tower. Your computer malfunction might be due not only to the tower's transmissions, but to the hydro lines around that area. Computer equipment is sensitive to magnetic fields.

[ If you're referring to a laptop of some sort, may we suggest you shut it down before driving.]