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Younger Brother Causing Problems
Mar 09, 2004 20:20 ETBack | Print Article
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I've got a younger brother who seems to behave as if he's the boss. He shows no respect to his parents, get's in trouble at school, he's constantly mouthing off, and just recently he's been uttering threats towards me and saying that his friends will "kill me". I honestly don't think he understands that he's not as big as he perceives, and that one day he will get himself in a lot of trouble. I am looking for a way to smarten him up. He hangs out with the wrong crowd and he's only 14. I don't think my parents can do much more, he only gives them attitude. Please suggest any ideas that can scare this troubled behaviour out of him. Thanks.


Please contact Constable Dean Roy at 905-579-1520 or toll free at 1-888-579-1520, extension 5282. Constable Roy is DRP's regional youth officer who specializes in finding solutions for troubled youth and their families. He is expecting your call.