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charged with possesion of a controlled substance
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i was recently charged with possesion of a controlled substance when i was pulled over for not signalling. as i was getting my insurance information another officer went into my car and found a pipe in my glove box. the officers then searched me and found about 12grams of pot in a zip lock bag. i was arrested and charged with possesion of a controlled substance. i was given a court date and released. im just wondering if u can tell me whats going to go on when i go to court? i am a student working part time just starting to save for post secondary school and cant afford a lawyer. ive heard there will be one there for me when i go? is that true? or do i even need a lawyer. if u can please let me know any steps i need to do before this date it would be great. thanks. jon doe

Editor's Note: Read information from our Over the Counter section and contact Legal Aid. Their number can be found in InformDurham.