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Hot Rod Hondas (LOL)
Mar 24, 2004 11:48 ETBack | Print Article
Hi there,
I was just wondering if there is a law regarding exhaust noise levels of vehicles. We have a small gang of Honda Hot Rods (what a joke) in our neighbourhood, they seem to come out about 11:30 PM, when the neighbourhood is going to sleep. they are outrageously loud and very Frustrating!!

Editor's Note: The Highway Traffic Act (HTA) section 75(1) states that every motor vehicle must have a muffler of a type & condition that prevents excessive noise or smoke.

Section 75(4): "Unecessary noise...relates to horns, radios and any other noise."

There doesn't seem to be a particular test that defines a noise threshold, so it would be open to opinion & circumstance. For example, daytime vs night time or location such as a hospital. Excessive muffler noise, especially at nighttime within a residential neighbourhood, would probably qualify as "unnecessary".