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Vehicle Thefts in Pickering
Apr 04, 2004 14:09 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:Charmainne
Before moving to Pickering I thought it was a nice place to live. Now that I'm here, I wish I wasn't. One of my cars (Honda Accord wagon) was stolen from the Pickering Town Centre back when the movie SWAT was released. We filed a report & Metro Police located the car somewhere in Scarborough an hour & half later. There was damage to it but our insurance company refused to cover it. We then cancelled the insurance for theft and bought a "CLUB". Over the winter somone smashed the drivers side window. Yesterday the drivers side window of our Honda Civic was smashed. The thief / vandal had a sense of humour & took our club (which we absent mindly left on the floor of the car). The most frustrating part of all of this is that these are not new or attractive vehicles. Truth be known... they look somewhat neglected. Now we have decided to install alarms on the cars, which is a little embarrassing given what they are. Perhaps Neighbourhood Watch Programs should be in Pickering. Are there currently watch programs in the area? If not, I would be thrilled to get one going. If there is, I would be just as happy to join. I lived in Scarborough before here, and neither of my vehicles were a problem. I would be interested too learn how many others are having these problems, feel free to e-mail me regarding that or neighbourhood watch.

Editor's Note: There are many Neighbourhood Watch programs running in the Pickering area. For more information, please contact our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator at 905-683-9100, ext. 3410, or view the Neighbourhood Watch web page under Public Safety.