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Police Cars on the Corner of Liverpool and Highway 2 in Pickering
Apr 07, 2004 13:54 ETBack | Print Article
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Hello I am just a little bit curoius on why there were aproximately 8 police cars positioned on the corner of Liverpool and Kingston Rds. in Pickering on the morning of April 7th 2004, i am very concered, and i would like to no why this police presance was there. Not only were the police there that morning, but on my way home from work, i noticed a much larger police presents in the area in which i travel.Why is this?...thank you for your time, and an answer is greatly apriciated.

Editor's Note: World Health Day was April 7th, the theme of which was "Road Safety is No Accident". Read more about it in our Top Story and Media Release sections of the web site.