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Police Helicopter
Apr 08, 2004 16:23 ETBack | Print Article
 Guest Name:AlexanderEmail:  
Hello, I would just like to comment on how great it is that Durham region as a police helicopter,compared to much larger munciplities such as Toronto, but there is one problem that i have. Every night at around 10:30, the DRPS Helicopter huvers above our house, and people in my neighbourhood have complained before, its not that we do not like the presence of the helicopter, its the fact on how low he flies, when ever we see the choper anywhere else, it is generally high, and my residence backs on to Duffins Creek, but i do not think that it give the police choper to fly lower. So would it beposible that you could look into this situation and try to change it?..thank you for your coperation

Editor's Note: Your concern has been forwarded to the Air Support Unit.