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disturbing the peace...
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Dear Editor,

I reside in the Lakeside development at the foot of Shoal Point Road. For the past several months, many residents have been dealing with a group of young renters. Most Friday and Saturday nights, loud music and yelling can be heard late into the night and into the morning hours. Fights have occasionally broken out on their front lawn and their guests come and go throughout the night, usually at high speeds and with loud retro-fit mufflers. Many requests have been made to the renters to lower the music but they refuse.

I believe the by-law enfocement officer has been notified but to no avail. Can we as neighbours request patrols in our neighbourhood? What else can we as residents do?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Editor's Note: A request can be made to your community police office for patrols in the area. As well, there are charges under both the Criminal Code and the Town of Ajax (bylaws) for this type of disturbance. I have forwarded your message to the Ajax-Pickering Community Police Office.