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Close Calls
May 04, 2004 06:13 ETBack | Print Article
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In the past week I have witnessed two near accidents at the intersection of Crawforth and Anderson streets in Whitby. The first took place in the morning--the light was red and a girl was crossing the street to get to the school. I was stopped behind someone else in the middle lane and then someone blew right through the red light in the open lane beside us--didn't even slow. If the girl happened to be a few steps further she would have been hit. Then yesterday I went through that intersection and the light turned to red. The person behind me went through it even though it was red and almost hit someone that was turning left from the other side. Obviously people are finding this set of lights hard to notice. Is there any way some sort of sign for the lights coming up could be placed? Either that or have the police presence in that area beefed up? Or both? I tried to get the plates of the cars in both cases, but was unable to do so. Thank you.

Editor's Note: Your message has been forwarded to the Traffic Safety Coordinator of the Whitby Community Police Office.