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mary and taunton lights
May 04, 2004 09:30 ETBack | Print Article
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last may while passing thru a green light i was t-boned by someone who didn't feel the need to stop at the red light he had. My car was totaled, he was charged. I stopped driving thru the lights for a long time (flashbacks and fear!) recently I started going thru them again. in the pass month 3 cars have run the red light. One time an elderly pedestrian had a very close call, the second time, i nearly got hit again! the third time just a few days ago, a group of kids nearly were hit. I have noticed this tends to be in the morning around 8:50-9:10, which is the time I usually pass thru. The cars that run the light are always going west on taunton. I would suggest that an unmarked radar car start spending mornings in the area because this is getting a bit ridiculous!

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